Plan Your St Pete Beach Vacation

If you long for a warm, sun-filled vacation with white sandy beaches, your search ends at St Pete Beach, Florida. Home to pristine, sugary sand, vibrant emerald-green waters, and a relaxed beach vibe, St Pete Beach checks all the boxes for an ideal beach vacation destination. Plus, with a variety of St. Pete Beach rentals available, you can stay right on this beachy slice of paradise.  

Now that you’ve found your vacation spot,  it’s time plan to enjoy it to the max with these helpful tips. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know when planning your St. Pete Beach vacation. 

St Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach access
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St Pete Beach, Florida, not to be confused with the city of St Petersburg, is situated on Long Key barrier island in Pinellas County. This island is no more than five and a half miles long, running north and south. Surrounded by Tampa Bay and on the east central edge of the Gulf of Mexico, St Pete Beach is home to miles and miles of soft sandy beaches. 

It’s no surprise that it earns the reputation of one of the top beaches in the United States, with stunning natural scenery, access to hidden gems for beachgoers searching for fewer crowds, an eclectic range of vacation-approved activities, and a laid-back coastal vibe. Get ready to soak in the sun and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on the coast. 

St Pete Beach Access

St Pete Beach is connected to the mainland by three bridges. St Pete Beach access points are situated close to the three beaches of the area: Upham Beach, Pass-a-Grille Beach, and Central St Pete Beach. Easily locate St Pete Beach parking during the slower season, especially by central St Pete Beach with over 235 parking areas, clean public restrooms, outdoor showers to wash off all the sand, and boardwalks to explore the shops and restaurants. 

Upham Beach also has a paid parking lot. Since it’s one of the quieter beaches, you may find it’s less crowded. Find comparable amenities for parking, restrooms, and outdoor showers on Upham Beach. Whether you prefer to be in the center of action or on the quieter side, St Pete Beach has it all.

Plan Your Stay

Browse our entire inventory of St Pete Beach vacation rentals to find your perfect accommodations and get ready for some serious relaxation!

What to Bring

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Packing for your visit to St Pete Beach FL  should now be top on your list. Although many vacation rentals, such as the ones hosted by Sandcastle Realty, provide beach towels for beachgoers, it’s a good idea to pack extra. Other essential items to pack for an enjoyable trip are listed below:

  1. Sunscreen and lip balm are #1 whether you’re at the beach or visiting the local attractions in town. On the beach you’re more susceptible to the negative effects of the sun as it reflects off the white sand and open water. Sunscreen and lip balm with UVA and UVB protection minimizes the effects of those harmful rays in The Sunshine State.
  2. Sunglasses for blocking UVA and UVB rays. Make sure your sunglasses have a label indicating it is made for UV protection. Plan to pack more than one pair, so you have a spare in case you lose them. 
  3. A selection of swim attire, cover-ups, and a hat on the beach is ideal. Men should definitely pack shorts and shirts. If you plan to use the outdoor showers at the beach, bring an extra pair of clothing to change before you head off to enjoy other activities.  
  4. Water bottles and a small ice chest full of nonalcoholic drinks to stay hydrated while you are soaking in the sun
  5. Although most beaches in the area provide seating areas and even cabanas for rent, we recommend packing a beach blanket and umbrella should you need extra space or they are all booked before your arrival.
  6. A beach bag for all your essential beach items, including fun reading material, portable phone charger, and headphones.  
  7. Many beaches also rent paddleboards, kayaks, and other water sports gear, but bring along a beach ball, shovel, and buckets to build epic sandcastles. 

Stay With Sandcastle Realty

When planning your Florida beach vacation, Sandcastle Realty boasts many options for your most desired beach stay. With the impeccable, family-friendly service that you expect, let us help you find your dream St Pete Beach vacation rental. We also have a variety of rentals in other locations including Madeira Beach rentals and Treasure Island rentals so you can be sure to stay in comfort and luxury no matter where your Gulf vacation takes you!

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