Visit The St Petersburg Chihuly Museum

The sun shines brightest in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the Gulf Coast’s pristine beaches are on full display.

The Chihuly Collection, a stunning art show from the world-renowned Dale Chihuly, is permanently displayed in the Morean Arts Center in the heart of St. Petersburg.

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Chihuly Collection

The Chihuly Collection is a stunning, permanent collection of world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s unique artwork. This presentation is remarkable as it is the first installation of Chihuly art in a building designed specifically for that purpose, resulting in the art and architecture working together to create an experience unlike any other. The Collection is marked at the entrance by an iconic 20-foot sculpture created especially for the site.

The Collection includes Chihuly’s spectacular large-scale installations, such as Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier, created specifically for the Collection, along with several popular series works, including Macchia, Ikebana, Niijima Floats, Persians, and Tumbleweeds, which have thrilled audiences around the globe. Each space has been designed to complement each installation, producing unique visual experiences all throughout.

About Chihuly

Dale Chihuly’s ideas are big ones, often stretching the limits of his chosen media. Over the years, Dale has developed a host of innovative techniques to achieve his artistic vision. Traditional glass factory production is about symmetry and creating perfectly formed vessels. Dale’s work represents a departure from that practice. He pioneered a new way of working, utilizing gravity and centrifugal force to let molten glass find its shape in its own organic way. Asymmetry and irregularity are the defining principles of his work. 

Dale began his career with weaving. In 1963, he first incorporated glass shards into woven tapestries during a weaving class at the University of Washington. This foray into glass led him to blow his first glass bubble in 1965. Years later, he revisited the idea of textiles and glass, drawing with intricate threads of glass and then fusing the threads onto molten glass. Dale and his team used this pick-up drawing technique in his Cylinders and other series. 

Chihuly creates unexpected experiences in unlikely places. He has presented formidable and complex public exhibitions all over the world – from Venice to Jerusalem to Montreal. From 1994 to 1996, the artist worked with glassblowers in Finland, Ireland, Mexico, and Italy to create Chihuly Over Venice, a series of chandeliers that are hung over canals and in piazzas of his favorite city. Four years later, Chihuly’s most ambitious public exhibition, Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000, was seen by more than one million visitors to the Tower of David Museum.

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